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Sea Grape Flowers. Français : Fleurs de Raisin...

Sea Grape Flowers. Français : Fleurs de Raisin de bord de mer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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As promised…I’m going to tell you more about my latest book, “Flowers the Secret Key to Your Well Being”.

I want to take you back in time for a moment, a year or so. This is when I decided to start a

Female flowers of a monoecious variety of the ...

Female flowers of a monoecious variety of the Black Mulberry. Français : Fleurs femelles d’une variété monoïque de Mûrier noir. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

fun blog about my passion, which happen to be flowers.

I wanted to share flower pictures and stories and that’s about it. But the more I spent time taking their pictures and learning about them, the more I felt there is something very powerful in these beauties.

I just couldn’t tell what it is.

I knew flowers make people happy, and that was just about it. But as I later discovered it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Moving forward in time. Few months ago I participated in a conference and met a nice lady who was very interested in flowers. She wanted to understand what is so magical and unique about them.

“You get them for birthdays and bring them home from time to time, especially when you celebrate some event, they make your house pretty and that is it.” She said.

Her words triggered something in me, and without even realizing it, I gave her a big speech on how flowers energy influence her entire body, how their color, smell, shape and even touch can heal. How flowers can restore her body back to balance and contribute to her improved health. How flowers can inspire her and help her be more creative and relaxed.

She looked at me impressed. I was in shock.

Suddenly I understood flower’s role in our life. I understood their powerful abilities and deep influence on us. I felt as if I’m holding a secret key to mankind improved wellbeing.

I started to research about flowers healing powers, about energy, about the human body. I learned about quantum physics, cell growth, emotions, good vibes and positive thinking.

I wrote notes to myself, that later became this book: “Flowers the Secret Key to Your Well Being”. I felt it is a knowledge I must share, so that you and your family could benefit from this miracle.

Flowers influence our body and health in more ways than you could imagine. This book aims to introduce you to the unbelievable healing powers of flowers and encourage you to use flowers on a regular basis. Not just in birthdays and special celebrations.

If this got you curious and you would like to learn more about flower’s magical powers and their influence on you, tomorrow I will give you a link to a free download of the book. (I’m waiting for amazon’s final approval).

Till tomorrow,


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